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    8 days left!

    Info *Latest update 11/2/2011*

    Recommended specs: Windows 7/Vista/XP PC (32 or 64 bit), Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD CPU, 4GB System RAM, 6GB free HDD space, DirectX 9 compatible NVIDIA or AMD ATI video card with 1GB of RAM (Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 or higher; ATI Radeon 4890 or higher), DirectX compatible sound card, Internet access for Steam activation.
    Minimum specs: Windows 7/Vista/XP PC (32 or 64 bit), Processor: Dual Core 2.0GHz or equivalent processor, 2GB System RAM, 6GB free HDD Space, Direct X 9 compliant video card with 512 MB of RAM, DirectX compatible sound card, Internet access for Steam activation.

    Quests & Dialogue

    Radiant Story: Many quests are still completely governed by Bethesda, but the Radiant Story system helps randomize and relate the side quests to players to make the experience as dynamic and reactive as possible. Rather than inundate you with a string of unrelated and mundane tasks, it tailors missions based on who your character is, where you're at, what you've done in the past, and what you're currently doing. Radiant Story is also smart enough to know which caves and dungeons you've already visited and thus conditionalize where, for instance, a kidnapped person is being held to direct you toward a specific place you haven't been to before, populated with a specific level of enemy. Skyrim also tracks your friendships and grudges to generate missions. Do a small favor for a farmer and it may eventually lead to a larger quest. Some NPCs will even agree to be your companion to help you out in specific situations.
    Main Questline is approximately 30 hours.
    It's possible to play after finishing the Main Quest.
    Taverns will play a large role in getting information, gossip and rumors from a town as it's naturally where most people go after working, and you can listen to peoples conversation and learn more about the town and/or Skyrim itself.
    People will be more vague or specific when talking to you or giving you quests depending on how much they like you.
    There are more ways to complete quests.

    General Combat

    An overhauled combat-system.
    Inter-changeable dual-wielding with both weapons and spells. Dual-wield any combination, even staffs!
    Staggering effects and camera shake.
    Switching between loadouts on the fly is made easier thanks to a new quick-select menu that allows you to "bookmark" all of your favorite spells, shouts, and weapons for easy access.
    There are non-lethal tavern brawls in the game.
    There are more weapon and armor types in Skyrim compared to Oblivion.
    Special kill animations: Depending on your weapon, the enemy, and the fight conditions, you may execute a devastating finishing move that extinguishes enemies with a stylistic flourish.
    Specializing in a particular weapon is often the best way to go, as you can improve your attacking skills with perks. For instance, the sword perk increases your chances of landing critical strikes, the axe perk punishes enemies with bleeding damage after blows, and the mace perk ignores enemy armour.
    You can poison your weapon with various types of poison.
    There is decapitation.
    There is no locational damage.
    Equipment don't have a durability, so you won't have to repair it.
    You can apply "upgrades" to your equipment.


    Cuirass and Greaves are combined.
    Common armor like leather and steel have a more Nordic feel compared to Oblivion and Morrowind.
    Confirmed types of armor: Chain-mail, Steel, Dwarven, Elven, Orcish, Glass, Daedric, Ebony, Dragon, Leather, Hide, Imperial.


    'Magnetism' in your attacks draws them more towards enemies rather than allies.
    You can bash enemies with your shield.
    When backstabbing characters from the shadows, a dagger deals significantly more damage than any other type of weapon, making it the perfect tool for an assassin.
    You can use Power Attacks by holding down the attack button, which staggers enemies, but drains your Stamina.
    Torches can be used as weapons.
    Hand to Hand attacks have a much improved gravity and physicality.
    You can not block while dual-wielding. (Though you can block while wielding a weapon in your left hand, but not in your right hand.)
    Confirmed types of weapons: Iron, Steel, Dwarven, Orcish, Glass, Daedric, Ebony, Dragon.


    Ranged combat has been improved by significantly increasing the damage bows deal, while making the draw-time longer.
    Arrows are more rare than in Oblivion and Morrowind.
    Confirmed types of weapons: Long Bows, Hunting Bows.


    5 Magic Schools: Destruction, Alteration, Conjuration, Restoration & Illusion.
    There are over 85 spells usable to the player.
    Spells needs to be equipped to be cast.
    You can dual-wield similar spells to double the damage at a higher magicka consumption.
    Some spells can be learned by reading spell tomes, while others can be bought from merchants.
    If you cast a frost spell, you'll see the effects on the enemy's skin. If using a flame thrower, the environment will catch fire for a short while and burn anything that comes into contact with it.
    Fire deals the highest amount of damage, shock deals less damage, but drains the enemy's magicka, while frost deals the least damage, but drains stamina and slows down enemies physically.
    Light magic sticks to walls.
    There are robes which will increase your magic capabilities.

    Way of the Voice (Dragon Shouts)
    "A long practiced spiritual form of Nordic magic, also known as the Tongues, that is based on their worship of the Wind as a personification of Kynareth. Through the use of the Voice the power of a Nord can be formed into a thu'um, or shout - which has a large variety of applications (anything from sharpening blades to a long range weapon). Master Voices (known simply as Tongues) have legendary, and often unbelievable powers, including talking to people of hundreds of miles away or teleportation. The most powerful masters must even be careful whenever they speak, as their voice can cause great destruction and they are commonly gagged. During the Conquest of Morrowind, the Nordic war chiefs were also Tongues (Derek the Tall, Jorg Helmborg, Hoag Merkiller). They needed no typical siege weapons when attacking a city as they merely used the Voice to break down the city gate and allow their armies to storm in. The future of the Tongues was forever changed by the most powerful Tongue, Jurgen Windcaller, also better known as the Calm. Jurgen converted to a pacifist and refused to use the Voice for any martial purposes. In a confrontation with 17 other tongues he reportedly swallowed the Shouts of the 17 for three days until they lay exhausted, later to become his followers. Today, all Tongues live secluded lives on the highest peaks of Skyrim in tough conditions and contemplation, and have only spoken to announce the destiny of the great Tiber Septim (who later created an Imperial College of the Voice in Markarth, returning the Voice to the art of warfare). Those known as Dovahkiin, Dragonborn, can use a type of magic known as "Dragon Shouts." Dragon shouts are spoken in the Dragon Language, and can manipulate dragons in a variety of unknown ways, as well as performing other kinds of magic, also undocumented."

    You will be able to use Dragon Shouts.
    There are 20 different Shouts, each with three levels of power.
    You first have to learn the word form an ancient rune, then you need to absorb the soul of a dragon to be able to use it.
    One shout lets you slow down time, another lets you move stealthily close to an enemy in a mere instant and one shout will even let you summon a dragon!
    Shouts has a cooldown time.

    Confirmed Dragon Shouts

    Fus Ro Dah (Force Balance Push):
    Force wave that damages and pushes away enemies.
    Liz Slen Nus (Ice Flesh Statue):
    Level 2: Summons a wave of ice crystals.
    Level 3: Freezes and traps enemies in a block of ice.
    Strun Bah Ao (Storm Lightning Wrath):
    Summons a lightning storm to damage nearby enemies with lightning.
    Yol Toor Krein (Fire Inferno Sun):
    Breath fire upon enemies.
    Tild Klo Ui (Time Sand Eternity):
    Slows down time around the player.
    Lein ??? ??? (Whirlwind Sprint):
    Grants the player the ability to spring at incredible speeds.
    ??? ??? Dovah (Summon Dragon):
    Summons a dragon that aids the player.
    ??? ??? ??? (Teleport):
    Teleports the player behind the enemy.
    ??? ??? ??? (Elemental Fury):
    Shout at your weapon and you can deal damage faster.
    Fin Zi Gron (Fade, Spirit, Bind):
    Allows you to become immune to damage for a short period of time, however, you will be unable to fight.

    AI, NPCs & Creatures
    New, updated Radiant AI: You won't find townspeople loitering aimlessly in town squares anymore. Each NPC performs tasks that make sense in their environment. To impart the towns and cities with a greater sense of life, Bethesda has populated them with mills, farms, and mines that give the NPCs believable tasks to occupy their day. The improved Radiant AI technology is also more aware of how a citizen should react to your actions. As you perform tasks for them or terrorize them by ransacking their home, the NPCs develop feelings about you. If you're good friends with a particular NPC and barge into his house during the middle of the night, he may offer you lodging rather than demand you leave the premises. If you swing your weapon near an NPC, knock items off their dinner table, or try to steal something of value, they'll react with an appropriate level of hostility given their prior relationship to you. If you drop an item on the ground near NPCs they will react to that as well, such as a child might try to give you the sword back, two men will fight over it or someone might even try to kill you with it if they dislike you. When NPCs think they see or hear something, they go into an alert state, instead of instantly attacking you. Players with a higher sneak skill will have more time to duck back around the corner or find sanctuary in the shadows.


    When you approach an NPC, they will engage in dialogue with you, while continuing to do their task or making gestures or pacing around, depending on what their personality is.
    If you kill a shop owner, their family member will inherit the shop and will be angry about you, but still give you missions, which could then improve your relation with them.
    Main-Quest Givers are Essential.
    You can make friends by doing quests for people, thus making them act differently towards you, and they might even join you on an adventure.
    Male and female characters will have some different animations, and beast races will have unique animations.
    There are NPC Children.
    Even minor NPCs have much more complexity and depth compared to Oblivion.
    You can persuade various random NPCs to accompany you and they feel like fleshed out, interesting companions.
    There are bards in taverns, who plays tunes, and you can pay them to play another tune.
    You can hire companions to join you in your adventures.
    You can have animal companions.
    M'aiq the liar is back!

    Creatures & Mounts

    Confirmed creatures: Bats, Bears, Bees, Boars, Dogs, Dragons, Draughr, Dwemer Centurion Spheres, Elks, Foxes, Frost Atronaches, Giants, Giant Spiders, Glow Worms, Horkers, Horses, Ice Golems, Ice Wraiths, Luna Moths, Mammoths, Mud Crabs, Rabbits, Saber-Toothed Cats, Salmon, Skeevers, Skeletons, Spiders, Spriggans, Torch Bugs, Trolls, Vampires, Wolves, Zombies.
    Random spawns are scaled (stronger enemies appear at higher levels), but weak enemies aren't written out of the system, just become less common.
    A single spawn at lower levels can have enemies spawning in pairs at higher levels.
    Stronger enemies exist in the world at the start of the game, but you're usually given enough warning if you don't want to fight anything too strong.
    Giants herds mammoths, and travels together in packs, ignoring the player if undisturbed.
    You can mount horses, which are more detailed than ever before!
    Some insects can be killed.


    For more detailed information on dragons, check out Cipher 8's "Dragons Info"!

    Dragons respawns just like other creatures.
    There are different kinds of Dragons.
    You can not mount & fly dragons.
    Some Dragons are scripted, while others appear randomly.
    Dragons can pick people up from the ground.
    When dragons are critically injured, they can't fly, and will land or crash to the ground.
    Dragons leaves scars and marks everywhere: when they crash or land on the ground and when they breath fire upon the environment, etc.

    Plot & Lore (UESP)
    TES V takes place 2 Centuries (200 years) after Oblivion. The King of Skyrim is dead, which has sparked a civil war. You are the last Dragonborn, a group characterized by their ability to hunt dragons. You are a prisoner. The Septim line was a prominent Dragonborn line protected by the Dragonguards which eventually became the blades. After the death of the Septim line, the Blades were hunted down and killed one by one and now are almost completely gone. The return of the dragons was foretold in the Elder Scrolls and was ushered in by the destruction of the Staff of Chaos, the creation of the Numidium, the events at Red Mountain and the Oblivion Crisis. There is a blade you come across, named Esbern (Voiced by Max Von Sydow.) that will train and guide you through the game. The last event to unfold before the dragons return was the people of Skyrim turning against each other which is happening at the beginning of the game. Dragons start to appear in greater and greater numbers as the game goes on and will eventually culminate with Alduin possibly coming into the world.

    First Century
    4E 0 — End of the Oblivion Crisis
    The banishing of Mehrunes Dagon from Tamriel by the Champion of Cyrodiil, Martin Septim, and the avatar of Akatosh ends the Oblivion Crisis. The Septim bloodline ends and the Amulet of Kings is destroyed. The Third Era ends, marking the beginning of the Fourth.
    The Fourth Era begins with no Emperor on the throne of Tamriel. High Chancellor Ocato, the Elder Council, and the Blades try to maintain order. The provinces start to take advantage of the Empire's weakened state.
    4E ?? — Red Mountain erupts; Vvardenfell is destroyed.
    In Vivec's absence, the Ministry of Truth becomes unstable. Vuhon creates an Ingenium that uses at first dozens of dying souls, then a small number of living ones to stabilize the rock. The soul of Sul's wife Ilzheven was among them. In a fight to free her, the Ingenium is destroyed and the rock crashes into Vivec with all the energy it originally had. The impact causes Red Mountain to erupt and destroys the entire island of Vvardenfell, as well as causing massive destruction to the rest of the province.
    4E ?? — The Empire Collapses
    Black Marsh secedes from the Empire; it is soon followed by Elsweyr.
    The Thalmor seize control of the old Aldmeri Dominion (Valenwood and the Summerset Isle).
    The Argonians invade and conquer Morrowind after the eruption of Red Mountain.
    4E ?? — Titus Mede is crowned the new emperor by conquest.
    4E 18 — Prince Attrebus Mede is born.
    4E 23 — Annaïg Hoïnart is born.
    4E 40s — The Infernal City
    Umbriel, a floating city, appears on the coast of Black Marsh, heading toward Morrowind. The city of Lilmoth, Black Marsh, the home of Annaïg, is destroyed in the process.
    Third Century
    4E 200s — The High King of Skyrim dies.
    4E 200s — The Nords of Skyrim engage in a civil war.

    Graphics, Sound & Interface

    Havok Behavior - Havok Behavior is a flexible animation tool that allows the developers to rapidly prototype and preview new animations and blend them together seamlessly with a few mouse clicks and minimal code support. Bethesda is using it to create more nuance in character and creature movement, govern special effects, and even to control how characters struggle to move when trapped in environmental hazards like spider webs. Characters now transition more realistically between walking, jogging and, running, and the increased nuance between animations has allowed Bethesda to better balance the combat in both first- and third-person perspective by adjusting the timing values for swings and blocks depending on your perspective. Perhaps the most impressive use of the Behavior technology is how Bethesda is using it to create the dragon animations. Bethesda has worked meticulously to make sure the beasts look powerful and menacing when banking, flapping their wings, gaining altitude before making another strafing run, and breathing fire on their hapless victims. None of the dragons' actions are scripted, and Behavior helps make the movements look non-mechanical, even when the dragons are speaking/shouting.

    Wind will whip up the surface of bodies of water.
    Dynamic Shadows.
    Snow falls dynamically, painting the ground texture with snow.
    Believable water physics.
    Faces and models are improved.
    Draw Distance is greatly increased, allowing for little to no grid pattern or low resolution distant land.
    SpeedTree is not used: they've created their own platform that allows artists to build whatever kind of trees they want and to dictate how they animate. Artists can alter the weight of the branches to adjust how much they move in the wind, which is an effective way of, for instance, actualizing the danger of traversing steep mountain passes with howling winds violently shaking branches.


    Jeremy Soule is composing the music.
    Voice Actors: Max Von Sydow (Esbern), Brandon Ellison (General), Anthony De Longis (Mercer Frey), Rob Locke (Commoner / Additional Voices), Lani Minella (Dark Elf / Night Mother / Nocturne), Wes Johnson, Lynda Carter, Craig Sechler, Jim Cummings, Gideon Emery, Michael Mack (Male Redguards), Jonathan Bryce (Male Khajiit/Argonian), Reese C. Hartwig (Young Male), Christopher Plummer (Arngeir), Joan Allen (Delphine), Lynda Carter (Gormlaith Golden-Hilt), Michael Hogan (Imperial General Tullius), Vladimir Kulich (Ulfric Stormcloak), Claudia Christian (Legate Rikke), Diane Louise Salinger, Renee Victor, George Coe.
    There are about 70 Voice Actors.
    Approximately 60.000 lines of voiced dialogue.
    Your character will shout, laugh and make combat grunts.


    In first-person, the HUD comes and goes when needed.
    Third-person have been improved (Even with Cross-hair now!).
    When opening the menu, instead of returning you to the last page you visited as it did in Oblivion, you are now presented with a simple compass interface that offers four options. (Right: Inventory | Left: Magical Items | Down: Map & Quests | Up: Skills)
    Instead of relegating players to looking at an item's name and stat attributes, each possession is a tangible three dimensional item with it's own unique qualities.
    Mapping: Anything from your spell library or item inventory can be "bookmarked" to the favorites menu with the press of a button. How many items appear on that menu is up to each player.
    The map is a zoomed out version of the game world.
    Quest Markers can be turned off.
    The Health-, Stamina- and Magicka bars is hidden when full.
    HUD Opacity can be turned down to zero.


    Skyrim hosts very unique landscapes and dungeons.
    There are 5 major cities: Solitude, Riften, Whiterun, Windhelm and Markarth. (Windhelm being the largest.)
    There are 8 or 9 smaller towns.
    There are more than 130 dungeons, ranging from 15 minutes to 2 hours long.
    There are over 100 points of interest across Skyrim. (including Giant camps, Necromancer lairs & Altars to different gods (Aedra and Daedra))
    The areal is approximately the size of Oblivion's Cyrodiil, but the rugged landscape makes the world bigger, as you will need to go over or around mountains to get anywhere.
    Traps and puzzles are used to make dungeons more interesting.
    Fish jumps out of the water, and when swimming, you can even catch fish.
    Birds flies in the air above you.
    Every town has it's own Economic System. If you destroy a city's means of income, they'll need to buy from another nearby city, and prices in the city will go up or some products will not be available in that city at all.
    Every big settlement has it's own unique culture & architecture.
    Dwemer ruins are scattered across Skyrim.
    High Hrothgar has 7000 steps.
    Some locations will have enemies that are too strong for you, and you will have to come back when you are more powerful, while some places will have weaker enemies.
    You can knock oil lamps to the ground or set fire to oil, which will then cause the ground to burn, and deal fire damage.
    Butterflies will fly around flowers which can be picked for alchemical purposes.
    The major cities are in their own cells, so to enter, a loading screen will appear.
    There are hidden caves, hidden ships and secrets in the water.
    The higher you climb, the more severe the weather gets.
    There are rivers inside dungeons.
    Some buildings can be destroyed, but are rare.
    After picking flowers, they are removed visually from the plant
    Flora: Nirnroots
    There are 13 Guardian Stones scattered across Skyrim, which will temporarily boost your skills.
    The city of Winterhold is party submerged and in ruins.


    There is a soft level-cap at 50, but you can still level-up after this. (Highest possible level is mathematically estimated to around 75)
    There are 3 attributes: Health, Magicka and Stamina - One of these can be increased by 10 each level.
    Leveling is faster than in previous games.
    You can Sprint, which drains your Stamina.
    Backwards running speed has been reduced since Oblivion.
    Sprinting while wearing heavy armor drains Stamina faster.
    Your speed is governed by your stamina attribute and your equipment. Racial speed is the same, so a khajiit will initially run at the same speed as an Orc.
    You can become a Vampire.
    Magicka & Health now regens pretty fast out of combat, and slowly while in combat.

    Character Generation

    In-depth character customization that allows to change your character physique, give them a beard, and other more detailed changes to your characters body.
    There are no Classes.
    There are no Major/Minor Skills.
    There are no Birth Signs.
    You can apply face-paint to your character, and there is a myriad of different types.
    There are over 50 beards to apply to your character.
    There are dozens of sliders for customization.
    Your settings are remembered when switching between races.


    There are 10 playable races: Imperial, Nord, Redguard, Dark Elf (Dunmer), High Elf (Altmer), Wood Elf (Bosmer), Orc, Khajiit, Argonian and Breton.
    There are also a few unplayable races.

    Racial Abilities

    Hist: Significantly increases health regeneration speed.
    Histskin: 50% resistance to diseases.
    Breathe underwater.
    Dragonskin: Absorb Magicka of spells and resist shock.
    Ancestor's Wrath: Surrounds player character in fire and resist fire.
    Regenerate Magicka more quickly.
    Voice of the Emperor: Find more coin when looting.
    Night vision and claw attack (increased unarmed damage).
    Adrenaline Rush.
    Animal Allies: Command an animal to fight for you.
    Resist poison and disease.


    There are 18 skills.
    Warrior-type Skills: Smithing, Heavy Armor, Block, Two-handed, One-Handed and Archery.
    Mage-type Skills: Enchanting, Destruction, Alteration, Conjuration, Restoration and Illusion.
    Thief-type Skills: Alchemy, Light Armor, Speech, Sneak, Lockpicking and Pickpocketing.
    The higher a skill is, the more it will contribute to leveling up when increased, making it smarter to focus on a smaller range of skills.
    The Enchanting Skill allows you to disenchant items with magical properties, destroying the item in the process. This will teach how to enchant another time with the magical properties of the item you disenchanted


    You gain a perk point every level.
    There's a total of around 280 Perks (Including Ranks).
    Perks will among other things decrease the sound of your footsteps, Disarm enemies and give you access to Unique Special Moves.
    You can choose not to spend perk points each level, and instead hold onto them.
    Potions are 20% stronger.
    Potions for restore Health, Magicka and Stamina are 25% stronger.
    Poisons are 25% more effective.
    Two Ingredients are gathered from plants.
    50% resistance to all poisons.
    All negative effects removed from potions and all positive effects removed from poisons.
    2 effects of an ingredient are revealed when testing instead of 1.

    20% less chance of being detected.
    Sneak attacks do 6x damage with one-handed weapons.
    Sneak attack with bows do 3x damage.
    Sneak attack with daggers do 15x damage.
    Noise from armor reduced by 50%
    You no longer activate pressure plates.
    Sprinting while sneaking performs forward roll.
    Running does not affect detection chance.
    Crouching can make hostile enemies lost sight of you and search for a target.
    Attacker focuses on someone else when entering combat while sneaking.

    Buying and selling price 10% better.
    Receive 20% better price buying from opposite sex.
    Invest in shops and increase available gold permanently in invested stores.
    Master Trader
    Every merchant in the world gains 10.000 gold for bartering.
    Buy and sell anything from any merchant regardless of what they normally buy and sell.
    Intimidation attempts are twice as likely to succeed.
    Persuasion attempts more likely to succeed.
    Barter your stolen goods with any merchant you have invested in.
    At a cost, guards forget your bounties.

    Light Fingers
    Pickpocketing bonus of 20% – Item weight and value reduce pickpocketing odds.
    Night Thief
    Pickpocketing sleeping people almost always works.
    Place poisons in other people’s pockets silently to harm or kill.
    Pickpocketing gold is 50% easier.
    Extra Pockets
    Carrying capacity is increased by 100.
    Pickpocketing keys always works.
    You can pickpocket equipped weapons.
    Perfect Touch
    You can pickpocket equipped items.

    Sleight of Hand
    Picking locks is now undetectable to everyone standing around watching.
    Wax Key
    Automatically gives you the key that fits the lock you just picked.

    Steel Smithing
    Create steel armor and weapons at forge. Improve by double.
    Arcane Blacksmith
    Improve magical weapons and armor.
    Dwarven Smithing
    Create Dwarven armor and weapons at forge. Improve by double.
    Elven Smithing
    Create Elven armor and weapons at forge. Improve by double.
    Orcish Smithing
    Create Orcish armor and weapons at forge. Improve by double.
    Advanced Armors
    Create scale and plate armor at forge. Improve by double.
    Glass Smithing
    Create Glass armor and weapons at forge. Improve by double.
    Daedric Smithing
    Create Daedric armor and weapons at forge. Improve by double.
    Ebony Smithing
    Create Ebony armor and weapons at forge. Improve by double.
    Dragon Smithing
    Create Dragon armor and weapons at forge. Improve by double.

    One-Handed Prowess
    One-Handed weapons do 40% more damage.
    Hack and Slash
    Attacks with war axes cause extra bleeding damage.
    One-Handed Tactics
    Bone Breaker
    Stand and Deliver
    Savage Blow

    Two-Handed Prowess
    Two-Handed weapons do 20% more damage.
    Deep Wounds
    Attacks with greatswords have a 10% chance of doing critical damage.
    Attacks with warhammers ignore 25% of armor.
    Two-Handed Tactics
    Great Charge!
    Devastating Blow
    Attacks with battle axes does extra bleeding damage.
    Power Attacks cost 25% less Stamina.
    Standing Power Attacks does 25% bonus damage. Chance to decapitate.
    Sprinting Power Attacks does double damage.
    Sideways Power Attacks hits all nearby targets.
    backwards Power Attacks has 25% of paralysing target.

    Bows do 25% more damage.
    Able to zoom in on targets when bow is drawn.
    Steady Hand
    Time slows down while zooming in.
    Critical Shot
    10% critical hit chance.
    Move faster with bow drawn.
    Chance of paralysing enemies for a few seconds.
    Eagle Eye
    Recover twice as many arrows from dead bodies.
    Draw bow 30% faster.

    Heavy Armor
    Armor rating 20% increased.
    Unarmed damage increased by gauntlet's armor rating while wearing heavy armor gauntlets.
    Half fall damage if wearing full heavy armor.
    Equipped Heavy armor weighs nothing and doesn't slow you down.
    Additional 25% armor if wearing a full Heavy armor set.
    25% more armor if wearing full heavy armor.
    50% less stagger if wearing full heavy armor.
    10% damage reflected back to enemy if wearing full heavy armor.

    Shield Wall (1 of 5)
    Blocking is 25% more effective.
    Deadly Bash
    Bashing does more damage.
    Power Bash
    Able to do a power bash.
    Bash Disarm
    Shield Charge
    Able to move faster with a shield raised.
    Quick Reflexes
    Time slows down if you are blocking during a power attack.
    Deflect Arrows
    Elemental Protection

    Novice/Apprentice/Adept/Expert/Master level Illusion spells costs 50% less Magicka.
    Alteration spells has longer duration.
    Absorb 30% of magicka that hits you.

    Novice/Apprentice/Adept/Expert/Master level Illusion spells costs 50% less Magicka.
    Dual casting overcharges for greater effect.
    Bound weapons do more damage.
    Bound weapons cast soul trap on target.
    Bound weapons banish certain creatures.
    Reanimate undead with 100 more health points.
    Summon two atronarches or reanimated zombies.
    Summon atronarches at twice the distance.
    Summoned atronarches are twice as strong.

    Novice/Apprentice/Adept/Expert/Master level Illusion spells costs 50% less Magicka.
    More damage for each school (Fire, Shock and Frost).
    Shock damage has a chance to disintegrate target if their health is below 10%.
    Frost damage has a chance to paralyse target if health is low.
    Fire damage has a chance of making enemies with low health flee.
    Place runes up to five times farther away.

    Enchants are 20% stronger.
    Enchanted armor is 25% stronger.
    Soul Gems provide magicka for recharge.
    Health, Magicka and Stamina enchants become stronger.
    Extra effect on already-enchanted weapons can be applied.
    Fire enchants 25% stronger.
    Frost enchants 25% stronger.
    Shock enchants 25% stronger.

    Hypnotic Gaze
    Calm higher level people and creatures.
    Novice/Apprentice/Adept/Expert/Master level Illusion spells costs 50% less Magicka.
    Dual casting overcharges for more powerful spells.
    Spells works on higher level animals.
    Spells works on higher level people.
    Silent Casting
    All spellcasting (From any school) is done silently.
    Master of the Mind
    Illusion spells works on Undead, Daedra and Automatons.
    Fear spells work on higher level enemies.

    Novice/Apprentice/Adept/Expert/Master level Illusion spells costs 50% less Magicka.
    Healing spells also restore stamina.
    Healing spells heals 50% more.
    Magicka is partially recharged with each healing spell.
    Spells are more effective against Undead.
    Once a day chance to autocast 250HP restoration when health drops low.
    Magicka regenerates 25% faster.

    For more detailed information about factions, check out BootySweat's "Factions of Skyrim"!

    Thieves Guild (Joinable)
    College of Winterhold (Joinable)
    Companions (Joinable)
    Dark Brotherhood (Joinable)
    Riverwood Tavern Warrior Clan
    Stormcloaks (Joinable)
    The Shield-Brothers
    Necromancers (Not Joinable)
    The Imperial Army (Joinable)
    Battle Born
    East Empire Trading Company


    There are six different stages to crafting items. The first two are: Refining crude ore and Assembling materials.
    There's 13 different types of ore, which are used for crafting.
    More realistic alchemy labs.
    In addition to alchemy ingredients there are also reagents.

    Misc Features

    There's two types of Fast-Travel: Morrowind-style & Oblivion-style.
    There is no Multiplayer.
    There is no Hardcore-mode.
    Soul Gems can be used like in previous TES games to trap souls.
    You can buy properties.
    Lock picking is still a mini-game, but has been improved.
    There's a separate bounty for each of the 9 holds.
    You can catch diseases.
    After killing an NPC, you can sleep in their bed.
    There will be less, but bigger (Expansion-like) DLCs compared to Fallout 3 & Oblivion.
    There is a "sort" of Karma system in the game, but it's not governed by numbers. Instead, people will react to what you do, and you will have to base how bad you are on that, and not numbers.
    Only possible to have relationships with certain NPCs - and "in some cases" marriage.
    Aurora Borealis.
    Same Sex Marriages.
    Aside from Side Quests, there are also Misc Objectives.
    There is at least 50 skill books.
    You can collect Daedric Artifacts.





    Concept Art:



    Link Compilation:

    Một số vấn dề đáng chú ý:
    1) Xbawks 360 version hiện thời đã bị leaked, và đã có nhiều streaming video phiên bản này đầy rẫy trên mạng. Bethesda đang cố gắng hết sức để shut them down. Who wins?
    2) Cách đầy gần 1 tuần intro 20 phút của Skyrim đã bị leaked, cho thấy rằng Skyrim nối tiếp COD on how to be a hipster: scripted event.
    3) Streaming video cho thấy rằng mặc dù Skyrim powered by a totally new in-house engine, Creation Engine, ko phải Gamebryo, nhưng phải thú nhận rằng cái jankiness của animation từ thời Morrowind vẫn còn đó. Một tí thất vọng.
    Đang tải...
  2. thanhhainguyen9x

    thanhhainguyen9x New Member

    Bài viết:
    Đã thích:
    Mong là game làm cuốn hút như TW2, mà 11 mới release đã đặt gạch từ hôm nay luôn=))
  3. kietinfo

    kietinfo New Member

    Bài viết:
    Đã thích:
    Đây là thông tin từ bản leak hả chủ topic?
    Dạo này game xbox bị leak nhiều, các developer sau này không thèm làm game console nữa mà tập trung vào PC thì tốt :))
  4. violetmallow

    violetmallow New Member

    Bài viết:
    Đã thích:
    Xem 25p gameplay mở đầu từ cái clip của xbox360 .

    Texture mờ căm luôn , không những dẹp lép mà còn mờ . Nói chung là nhìn tệ hơn oblivion có thể . Nhưng mà visual thì rất tốt , khung cảnh nhìn chung rất đẹp .
    Shadow cũng thế , có tiến bộ hơn oblivion là dynamic nhưng mà răng cưa cục nào cục nấy đem ra chọi lỗ đầu được .
    Combat vẫn như phần trước , đỡ hơn ở chỗ chém vào khu vực nào thì chỗ ấy tóe máu , impact tàm tạm , lúc đến gần quá thì xài chuôi kiếm gõ để văng ra , finish move xuất hiện cũng nhiều .
    Những cái còn lại thì ko dám nói nhưng mà tạo không khí rất tốt , khí thế hừng hừng .

    Những ai mong graphic thì chờ chừng vài tháng là có texture pack , khỏi lo . MÌnh thì mình chả quan tâm lắm thou .
  5. girlsatthu90

    girlsatthu90 New Member

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    Đã thích:
    Mình được cái dễ tính với vụ đồ họa, thế nào cũng được, đừng nhức mắt là OK

    Quan tâm gameplay với world thôi
  6. hoangviet90

    hoangviet90 New Member

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    Đã thích:
    Dạo này RPG trên console dung lượng nhỏ một cách bất ngờ, hết Dark Souls 4GB giờ cái Skyrim này chỉ 3.6GB
  7. sandy_style

    sandy_style New Member

    Bài viết:
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    Cả cái PC installation pack cũng chỉ có ~6GB HDD cho ultra graphic. Xbox thì nó giảm texture đi chắc cũng phải hơn một nửa -> dung lượng giảm nhiều.
  8. xuanhung_3011

    xuanhung_3011 New Member

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    Đã thích:
    Đọc cái requirement system mà mún khóc quá... không biết con PC của mình có lết được Medium HD ko nữa... Game ngày càng nặng, PC ngày càng yếu và tiền ngày càng thiếu
  9. Exciter357

    Exciter357 New Member

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    Hi vọng ko lập lại ba cái DLC như yên ngựa giáp bò :-j

  10. thanhhainguyen9x

    thanhhainguyen9x New Member

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  11. thanh soma

    thanh soma New Member

    Bài viết:
    Đã thích:
    Qua cái clip gameplay trên thì thấy
    + Cái chất u ám vẫn còn đó :x
    + Graphic đẹp hơn, texture thấy cũng không đến nỗi quá tồi. Nhìn chung vẫn eyecandy chán
    - Mấy đòn finish có vẻ ko sync với sound cho lắm, nhìn khá mất tự nhiên :( Chưa kể cái kiểu chém vào không khí còn xác thì nằm dưới đất nữa
    - 1 số funny/glitched animation, ví dụ như con guard khi chuẩn đè đầu thằng prisoner ra chém thì sẽ thấy người "lướt" để vào position
    Combat thì thấy... ko có vẻ đổi mới hơn bao nhiêu ngoài cái thêm blur vào khi bị ăn nện.
  12. mi_nhoon

    mi_nhoon New Member

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    Mình thấy ở video mới này cũng ổn, hình ảnh và hoạt cảnh... quá quen quen với Oblivion đó chứ, kiểu này chắc họ mở rộng cửa cho mod rồi.
  13. bichdiepqt32b

    bichdiepqt32b New Member

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    Mà đọc cái cấu hình hi vọng con 6950 của mình ko lết :-ss
  14. 9876543211

    9876543211 New Member

    Bài viết:
    Đã thích:
    Tớ con ATI mobility 5870 còn đếu sợ nữa là.
    Anyways, đòi hỏi graphic gì đối với một game khi mà leading platform đã 7 năm tuổi.
    PC theo tin đồn thì cũng như xbawks 360, nghĩa là ko có high res pack n shit.
  15. phuthuy

    phuthuy New Member

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    Cái quan trọng của dòng này là chỉ có mod thôi, nếu developer ko chịu phát triển thì đợi mod hi-res pack của fan.
    Mà thấy dù chưa có hi-res pack nhưng game cũng thấy khá đẹp, nếu console chạy được ngon thì nhiều người ko có máy khủng cũng tiếp cận và thưởng thức được nhiều hơn :-?
  16. hungtu3011

    hungtu3011 New Member

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    Tên nào lo con HD 6950 chạy không nổi thì yên tâm đi nhé. Vừa ráp một con 6950 order từ Newegg đây. Crysis 2, Dirt 3, the Witcher 2 max settings at full HD resolution thì không phải lo Skyrim chạy không nổi đâu. \m/
  17. jumongsl

    jumongsl New Member

    Bài viết:
    Đã thích:
    Glitch animation của skyrim, đúng ra thì mình có từng biết cái glitch này nhưng ko ngờ lại có thật =))
  18. tony00

    tony00 New Member

    Bài viết:
    Đã thích:
    Má hóa ra cậu ý post recommended system requirements trước, minimum sau, làm mình đọc dòng 1 ếu thèm đọc dòng 2
  19. taoxanh1509

    taoxanh1509 New Member

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    Skyrim ko có bug thì sao xứng danh là Elder Scrolls =)


    Pre orderd :>
  20. duytungbkdn

    duytungbkdn New Member

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    Chờ Xmas mới dám mua thằng này với BF3, mua bây giờ là fail hết :-<
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